SilverGoldBull Review 2021: How To Invest Your Savings in Gold in Canada

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Gold has long been a form of investment. As an investor, you can invest your savings in Gold by buying the physical product itself. Other ways to invest in Gold are through exchange-traded funds, buying stock in companies that mine Gold, or are associates. Investors have several reasons for investing in Gold, as they do for other metals. For some, they are more comfortable with investing in something that is concrete rather than investing in ETFs or stocks,

While confident modern investors will argue that Gold is a relic from the past and does not hold value today. These modernists claim that Gold is only valuable in the form of jewelry. On the opposite end, I would like to argue that Gold is a versatile asset with different intrinsic qualities that make it unique and an absolute necessity for investors to invest in Gold as an investment portfolio.

Wide selection of silver and gold bullion!

You only need to look at the central banks and other financial organizations, as they’re responsible for holding almost one-fifth of the world’s available Gold supply. Gold is incredibly valuable as a store of money, it’s especially good during times of inflation because the value of Gold remains stable. It is a great option for diversifying your investment portfolio.


SilverGoldBull is an online trusted Silver and Gold bullion dealer that provides you with competitive, frequently updated pricing. Additionally, while delivering your products, SilverGoldBull ensures that the delivery is discreet and fully insured. The platform deals with a variety of products, not only do they allow investing in Gold, but they also offer other precious metals. These include Silver, Platinum, and Palladium as well.

If you are only interested in investing in Gold, you can move to the Gold section of their website. There are a variety of different products available as options to diversify your investment in Gold. In their Gold section, you’ll notice several different categories you can select. The first is the top picks.


Top Picks

These Picks contain an assortment of Gold instruments that include coins and bars. The most popular products are the 1oz Royal Canadian Mint New Style Gold Bar and the 1oz 2020 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin. Both of these products are immensely popular among investors and are available to purchase in single quantity as well as multiple. There are several payment methods that you can use when investing in Gold on SilverGoldBull. You can opt for payment through bill payment/ cheque/BTC or PayPal/credit card. The rates you’re going to face when using papal/credit cards are higher than the other method.

Gold Bars

Another category for investing in Gold bullion is the bars. These are most commonly available in the 1oz size. The top choice in this category is once again the Royal Canadian Mint New Style Gold Bar. However, another option available for buyers is the 1oz Pure Assorted Gold.

If you’re not looking to make such a significant investment, there’s also the option to purchase Valcambi Gold Bar which are on the lower side in terms of cost. These are available in sizes ranging from 1oz to as low as 1 gram. The Gold, in this case, is packaged wonderfully in a protective casing. Their prices differ depending on the weight of the Gold bar you purchase.

Gold Coins

SilverGoldBull also offers investors the opportunity of investing in Gold coins. The website provides several different Gold coins. These include mints from various countries as well. Once again, the most popular is the 1oz 2020 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin. These are immediately attractive to investors because they’re new and are RRSP eligible as well.


For Gold Coin collectors, there’s no better market on the internet. SilverGoldBull offers a variety of different mints and options, so anyone interested in collecting Gold coins should visit this website. The type of Gold coins available is staggering. Investors can choose from African Gold coins to Chinese Gold pandas. There’s even an entire category dedicated to the purchase of Gold coins from the United States pre-1933.

SilverGoldBull products

Gold Collectibles

Due to the nature of Gold, and because it’s highly coveted, not only is it a worthwhile investment, it’s easily collectible as well. SilverGoldBull is fully aware of this market, which is why they made an entire category for collectible Gold items.

Not only are these worthwhile investments, but they’re great for decorating as well. I find this particularly interesting as these collectibles are so beautiful and dainty. Yet they hold very high value. The collectible feature products linked to several different widespread pop-culture phenomena.

There are James Bond collectibles, Disney collectibles, RCM collectibles, Superheroes collectibles, Looney tunes, Perth mint, etc. While these may be a fun way to purchase your Gold, they are still crucial investment instruments at the end of the day. Additionally, these products receive the same treatment as the other products on the website. Delivery will be completely discreet and insured.

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Other Products

As the name suggests, SilverGoldBull gives you other options than just to invest in Gold. Investors can invest in a variety of precious metals, which include Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Palladium especially is interesting because of how rare and worthwhile the metal is. Silver can be a great way to start investing in precious metals because of the affordability when compared to Gold.

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These products are available in the same form as Gold, in both coin shape and bar shape. Additionally, the website offers high-quality jewelry from diamond pieces to massive Gold bracelets. If you want some statement jewelry, this website is a trusted place where you can get your products.

To get started on SilverGoldBull, follow the following steps;

  1. Register on SilverGoldBull platform by signing up here
  2. Click the drop-down arrow beside ‘Account’. Click sign up
  3. Fill the registration form appropriately and click ‘Register
SilverGoldBull sign up step 1
SilverGoldBull 2

Storage Facilities

These aren’t the only services the website offers. If you are worried about the security of your bullion, SilverGoldBull is a trusted place to store your real Gold as well. Storage options are available for both the Gold you purchased from them, as well as any existing Gold investments that you make. You can rest easy, knowing that your wealth and finance receive the best protection.

They are an excellent option for storage because the company is audited and insured, meaning that they comply with the highest regulations. Their warehouse is safe, secure, private, and available at a low rate. Furthermore, they provide storage locations in three different countries. These are Canada, the United States, and Singapore. When you purchase your Gold from SilverGoldBull, you can get your assets delivered to a high-security storage facility for free. That’s another advantage of investing in Gold via SilverGoldBull.

Diversifying RRSP

RRSP is a huge topic in Canada. This is especially important in terms of what to invest money in RRSP into. SilverGoldBull is one solution to this as it offers a diversification of your existing portfolio. Whether it’s an RRSP, TFSA, or LIRA, SilverGoldBull will convert each of these into physical Gold and Silver bullion. These will then serve as a counterweight to your investment portfolio.

There are several advantages available to individuals looking to diversify their RRSP. Unlike most “paper” investments, your account will hold the exact amount of physical Gold or Silver you invested. Storage of all the Gold with SilverGoldBull is also completely secure. Brinks Canada and Questrade insure all of the physical Gold that they store. They also have additional account protection from the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

SilverGoldBull RRSP

Furthermore, investors also get the advantage of instant liquidity. Everything that you keep in storage with SilverGoldBull can be sold back to the company immediately. All the proceeds from the sales will be returned to your account quickly. 

Selling Gold

Not only is SilverGoldBull one of the best places for you to invest in Gold, but it’s also an excellent place for you to come and sell your existing Gold. You don’t even need to have it in official minted form, any kind of jewelry that you own is viable for sale.

You can trust SilverGoldBull when you’re investing in Gold or looking to sell Gold. They’ve been in the online precious metal selling business for more than ten years, and over the years have gained rave reviews from over 75,000 verified users. The selling process is quite simple, as well.

SilverGoldBull selling

Steps to Selling on SilverGoldBull;

  1. Call the company, and they’ll give you a quote for the Gold and Silver you have for sale. Once there is an agreement, you can lock in the price. They will email a pre-paid shipping label to you.
  2. You then ship the metal to them. The shipment is going to be completely anonymous, discreet, and thoroughly insured. There’s also full tracking, and they need signatures to verify the transfer as well. Once they receive the package, they open it under the camera to confirm all the precious metals that were sent to them for sale.
  3. Once you send the package and complete the verification process, they’ll transfer the funds the next day.

See snippet below for more details;

SilverGoldBull simple selling

To conclude, while many modern investors may tell you that Gold doesn’t have a lot of value as an investment instrument, that simply isn’t true. To invest in Gold is as reliable as ever, and is a great way to hold your money. With SilverGoldBull, investing in top quality authentic Gold and other metals has never been more convenient and accessible for everyone. 

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