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PolicyMe Review: Is Having Life Insurance Worth it?

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In Canada, PolicyMe is one of the few online platforms that offer advice on life insurance. The platform also helps in accessing the lowest life Insurance policy rates in the country. Interestingly, this service is offered for free! Read on to find out how to get up to 50% off life insurance in Canada.

Here’s a question a lot of people have wondered about at least once in their life; ‘is life insurance an investment worth making?’ If you ask me, my answer would be a definite Yes. This is most crucial if you have loved ones in your life, who are financially dependent on you.

Life insurance could be highly beneficial as it serves as a financial safety net if you were to pass away. It ensures that financial security will be provided to your family upon your death.

With life insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of if an unfortunate incident were to occur to you. 

To help you make this highly important decision, I would like to give information regarding one of the very best online life insurance platforms currently available in Canada. It is my hope that with this article, you see the value of applying for life insurance coverage.

What is PolicyMe?

PolicyMe is a platform you can use to apply for your life insurance policy online. It employs the use of technology to provide unbiased and transparent advice. This is done through the assistance of actuarial principles.

It has plenty to offer as it focuses on giving the best advice possible.

Additionally, it offers quotes from top insurance companies. This ensures that you will not feel the need to look around elsewhere. Most life insurance websites tend to focus on making a sale with customers. However, the sole focus of PolicyMe is to give advice, and that is all. 

Save up to 50% on life insurance.

PolicyMe’s website is also very easy to use. It allows you to browse for a policy best suited to you with great ease and convenience. You will also find a team of licensed advisors prepared to respond to any questions you might have. This is particularly helpful as they can assist with any tricky situations you might face.

PolicyMe is committed to helping with your making a choice of a life insurance company for your policy. They aim to provide you with the personalized advice you need for the application process to remain stress-free. 

What does PolicyMe do?

The website provides its users with a lot of different services. Essentially, PolicyMe:

  • Gives you advice regarding life insurance
  • Provides you with the option to apply for life insurance 100% online
  • Offers a personalized recommendation in less than 5 minutes
  • Helps you compare various life insurance quotes from the main life insurance companies here in Canada.

How much does PolicyMe cost?

This is where PolicyMe stands out when compared to single insurers and traditional brokers. The platform offers a free service. There is no upfront cost to using the website, and you can submit an application for free.

PolicyMe earns its money through commissions on each policy it sells. The only charges to you will be the premium you will need to pay if you purchase a policy.

So, the website gives you advice for free, and if you want to proceed further, it’s completely your call to make. 

Life insurance is cheaper than you think.

What are people saying?

PolicyMe has a reviews page, and most of the reviews there come with five stars. This is no surprise. PolicyMe fares well with many users because it is one of the easiest platforms to receive advice, buy life insurance online, and compare life insurance quotes.

Thousands of Canadians have made use of this service so far, and it’s considered Canada’s #1 place to receive life insurance advice. 

A number of users have commented on how PolicyMe is an extremely convenient platform to use. A common consensus among users is that if advisors were not available on the spot during working hours, you still get a response to all questions and queries in a timely manner through emails.

This is the same if you did not have an appointment booked. A lot of individuals have further appreciated how the entire process is straightforward and simple from the beginning to the end.

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The team at PolicyMe has a reputation for responding to each person in a respectful and clear and concise manner. This ensures that all necessary communication takes place while making their clients feel important and valued at the same time.

Finding the right life insurance policy by yourself can be highly overwhelming and confusing, but PolicyMe breaks it down for their clients making it easy and accessible for them to figure out.

Unlike most insurance sales individuals, they are not pushy either. They are entirely impartial towards the company one wishes to opt for and try their best to find the lowest priced product for their clients.

Thus, clients do not need to worry about any annoying or imposing behaviors from their end. It is all about the client from the start to the end. 

Users have also noted that the website is very easy to use and finding an appropriate policy can be done within a short period of time. The objective, personalized recommendations also help identify what you should be doing. This can help you in making the right decisions.

Generally, people also like how PolicyMe doesn’t hold back in regards to making recommendations about what people need and what they do not need. Straightforward advice, which might contain a few harsh realities, is common practice with PolicyMe.

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Is PolicyMe any good?



It is possible for you to get a quote within a matter of a few minutes. The response time regarding a question from the PolicyMe team is always done in a timely manner. The website is also easy to navigate.

Thus, you will not find yourself feeling frustrated at any point in time. The process is smooth, straightforward, and easy with PolicyMe. 

Get a free life insurance checkup in 5 minutes.


With PolicyMe you get transparent advice. If you do not have dependents, they are likely to suggest that you do not need life insurance (understandably, dependent on the rest of your life circumstances as well).

This further buttresses the fact that you can rely on them to be impartial and unbiased with the advice they offer, and since this is your financial future in their hands, that is a crucial factor to consider. 

Financial Savings

PolicyMe has stated that it can help you save around 50% on life insurance rates compared to consulting with an insurance broker. This can translate into a highly significant amount of money in savings.


Limited Insurers

PolicyMe has a number of insurers present on its list. However, they do not have an exhaustive list as there are other term life insurance providers available in Canada. 

Availability of Service

Currently, PolicyMe’s service is available in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta, and BC. However, more provinces will be added in the near future. PolicyMe is here to help to make life insurance simpler and more affordable, a mission it is fulfilling more than adequately.

PolicyMe’s simple online process is based on traditional methods of purchasing (face-to-face meetings with brokers), with a proprietary advice mechanism that gives the best advice and is as objective as possible.

It is the platform to use for simple and honest advice to plan out one of your last wills for your family’s financial future. 

Final Thoughts

PolicyMe is a brilliant platform to help you with advice and buying life insurance policies online. The entire process is extremely convenient and straightforward and is centered around the client’s needs and wants.

If you are planning for the future and are considering life insurance – this is the website you need to consider.

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