IdentityIQ Review 2021- Be Smart & Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

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IdentityIQ is a fully online popular ID theft and credit protection company in the US.

The platform offers plans tailored for all sorts of cyber protection ranging from credit reporting, dark web monitoring to identity restoration and family protection.

To help you better appreciate the need for ID protection services, in 2019, 14.4 million US consumers fell victim to identity theft. Crimes like these keep rising, probably due to the increased use of and inherent exposure associated with the digital age.

In 2019, consumers lost more than $1.9 billion to identity theft. 

We tend to give our personal information away most times, without consciously thinking about identity theft.

However, identity theft could lead to social security fraud and even a home invasion.

Identity thieves are at an advantage when you are ignorant. Luckily, new innovative technologies like IdentityIQ can help keep you safe. 

IdentityIQ safeguards your identity and puts you back in control of your personal information. Their identity theft protection works so well that you won’t ever have to stress over the fear of having your identity stolen. 

So, how does IdentityIQ work?

Credit Reporting and Score Notifications

A lot of services offer a one-time credit score check and perhaps one copy of your report.

On the contrary, IdentityIQ keeps a regular check on your card and notifies you as soon as there is any unusual activity. This helps you catch identity theft early on instead of much later when more damage is done.

The service also gives you 12 copies of your credit card report every year, which helps you stay ahead of the curve.

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Credit Monitoring

Once you’ve signed up for the IdentityIQ protection program, you’re on their radar.

The program then starts keeping tabs on your credit card daily for any changes in your personal information or any new credit inquiries, among other things.

Enhanced Credit Monitoring

You can also opt to amplify IdentityIQ’s credit monitoring feature, get informed about any fluctuations in your credit card activity right as it happens.

This feature is especially great for anyone who wants to stay ahead of everything with their credit profiles. 

With enhanced credit monitoring, you get an alert when your credit score changes by more than 10 points or when more authorized users are added to your credit card.

These are just two of the many ways this feature protects your identity. 

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is a scary place that is not for everyone; it’s mostly used by criminals. It’s accessible via select channels and is done so anonymously.

IdentityIQ’s cyber monitoring or dark web monitoring feature picks up traces of any possible criminal activity happening on your credit. It also lets you know if your information is endangered and being compromised.

IdentityIQ monitors this activity through a global search and notifies you immediately if there is any suspicious activity happening in your name- and if your identity is at risk of being compromised.

Identity Protection

Going well beyond just monitoring, IdentityIQ also offers you identity protection.

One of the most common and dangerous consequences of identity theft is being involved in criminal activity. IdentityIQ monitors international criminal databases to ensure no criminal activity is being carried out in your name.

The platform through its ID protection services ensures that your social security is not being used for any suspicious activity and that none of your personal information is being changed. 

Application Monitoring

Identity thieves usually open new accounts in the victim’s name, which can negatively affect their credit score. It’s challenging to find out if new accounts have been opened in your name, but luckily IdentityIQ can do that for you.

The platform searches for any loans, cell phone applications, and credit applications happening in your name. This will alert you to whether your identity is being used for unauthorized activity. 

Identity Theft Insurance

On average, a victim of identity theft loses $1000.

IdentityIQ recognizes the losses that come with identity theft. Hence, it provides users with insurance coverage of up to $1 million on all their available plans. This is a major plus for IdentityIQ.

The coverage includes any money incurred due to an identity breach by way of electronic funds transfer in your name, if you are a member of IdentityIQ. These include money spent on legal fees and other miscellaneous expenses.

Additionally, you get up to $1500 dollars per week (max 5 weeks) for lost wages while you are restoring a stolen identity.

Identity Restoration

After an identity theft occurs, victims have to go through a lot of hustle to get their identity back.

This process can take months, sometimes even years, and can cost a lot of money. Not to mention the frustration and anxiety that victims could face.

With IdentityIQ, you don’t have to worry about going through any of this. The program helps you get your identity back and provides you with a dedicated case manager who assists you every step of the way.

Family Protection

IdentityIQ already provides a $1 million insurance package on all 4 of their standard plans. However, if you opt for IdentityIQ’s Secure Max Plan, you can get additional coverage of $25,000 for your children, who are much more vulnerable to identity theft.

Pricing and Plans

IdentityIQ has 4 different pricing plans for you to choose from. All come at pretty reasonable prices;

  • $6.99 per month for the Secure plan- best for getting the basics done
  • $9.99 per month for the Secure Plus plan
  • $19.99 per month for the Secure Pro plan
  • $29.99 per month for the Secure Max plan- best for families wanting identity theft protection

How To Sign Up For IdentityIQ? 

  • Visit IdentityIQ
  • In the top right corner, click on the “Start Membership” box
  • Fill in your personal information. 
  • Choose your plan
  • Activate your account by entering your credit card info.
  • Verify your identity
  • You are now protected by IdentityIQ.

Pros and Cons


  • Identity protection on multiple fronts
  • Provides credit reports monthly
  • Range of plans to choose from
  • Identity theft insurance of up to $1 million
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Extra features for extra protection
  • User-friendly website 
  • Identity theft restoration
  • Family plan


  • No mobile application

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Who can use IdentityIQ?

Anyone and everyone can use IdentityIQ as long as you are legal resident in the United States.

Identity theft does not discriminate between ages, genders, or ethnicities. It can target anyone at any time. As a result, it is for anyone who wants to protect their identity and be on the safer side of things.

Do I Need Identity Protection?

Due to the increase in identity theft every year, more and more people are falling victim to it. Thus, we must realize the importance of identity protection programs, such as IdentityIQ. 

With social media becoming more accessible, a lot of personal information is being shared online.

Hence, people must be aware that they are at risk of becoming victims of identity theft. In a situation like this, services such as IdentityIQ have started to play a more significant role.


Although IdentityIQ is an emerging identity protection company, it is one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. It is also ranked in Security’s Top 10 Fraud and Breach Protection Solution Providers for 2019. It is one of SR 2020s 50 Most Valuable Brands

Hence there is potential for IdentityIQ to grow, given the kind of protection they are offering. There are but a few other options available in the market that provide services such as these. 

With the variety of security plans they offer; IdentityIQ reaffirms its commitment to protecting you and your identity. When identity theft occurs, most victims don’t even notice until after a reasonable amount of damage has occurred. 

IdentityIQ makes sure to keep track of any suspicious activity on your card or bank accounts and immediately tells you if anything suspicious pops up. This service is highly recommended for those looking to protect themselves and their families!

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