how to know the value of your home in Canada

Properly Review: How To Know The Value Of Your Home In Canada

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If you are looking to know the value of your home in Canada for free, you should read this article about Properly. Some people already have a home but want to sell it in order to purchase a larger one, perhaps their family size has grown and they need more rooms? Likewise, others may want to sell because they need a smaller home when their kids are all grown and out of the house. In the same vein, some are about to buy a home, finally getting to tick off that bucket list. Whatever your unique situation is, Properly is here to ensure a smooth sail!

What then is Properly?

By making use of innovative technology, Properly a Canadian real estate company based in Toronto has removed the common causes of headaches that come with selling and buying homes the traditional way! Are you stuck with the need to sell your current house before being able to buy another to move into? No worries, with Properly’s Sale Assurance you get to buy, move and then sell! The best part? No double mortgages required! Currently, Properly offers it’s services in;

  1. Toronto and the GTA .
  2. Vancouver and the Fraser valley.

Properly was established to make easy the process of selling and buying a home in Canada. More importantly, Properly offers a Instant Estimate– a free home evaluation service that gives you todays market value for a home calculated using Properly artificial intelligence.


What you stand to gain with Properly?

Free Home Evaluation

Using their data science powered home evaluating tool Instant Estimate, you get access to your free home value report within a couple of minutes, literally with just a few clicks from any internet-enabled device. The report generated using this tool is over 93% accurate and is Canada’s most accurate home evaluation tool.

Additionally, the home value estimate updates every two weeks. It takes into consideration the latest data and trends in your neighborhood. Therefore, you can use it as a tool to monitor your homes’ worth on a regular basis. This can help identify when to sell.  Knowing the worth of your home is one step towards a quick sale.

By Passes Listings, Showings and Repairs

With Properly, you do not need to have your home listed in order to sell it. Similarly, selling requires no showings or repairs. After you get your home value report from Instant Estimate, you get a cash offer immediately from Properly. How much more simplified could it be to sell a home? Talk about a hassle-free selling process!

Avoid Overlapping mortgages

You get advice on the appropriate moving timelines based on your needs. Cash payment is sent to you by Properly on the day you close the deal.

Profit Share Guarantee

Are you wondering what happens if your house is sold at a value higher than your cash offer? That’s okay. Properly guarantees that should your house be sold at a value higher than your cash offer as well as the cost of repairs, you get 50% back from the profit made!

Access to a Client Advisor

Now that you have sold your home stress-free, the question of how to buy a new home then arises right? Relax, as I have more good news for you! You get access to a Properly Client Advisor who is a seasoned realtor in your neighborhood of choice. Together, you tour any home on the market till you find one you love. Your Client Advisor as an expert will work with you on inspection as well as providing recommendations from your very first home visit to your closing the deal.

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When you find a house that meets your requirements, Properly also gives you access to a network of real estate professionals such as lawyers, inspectors, and mortgage brokers at no extra costs to you.

No Hidden Fees

Properly will cover legal, inspection, and cleaning fees following you making your choice of home and closing the deal. This is at no extra cost to you.

Covers Repairs

After inspection of your new home, if any areas are found to need repairs, the cost will be accounted for by Properly with no mark-up.

Transparent Pricing

Properly makes money through sales commissions just like traditional brokerages. However, Properly differs with regards to the additional value you get by making use of their innovative technology in making your home shopping experience a success!

Well then, what are you waiting for to make the sale of your home and move into your dream home?

You now have access to an all in one online home buying and selling provider. In fact, you can sell your house today. No listing required, no time-consuming home showings to potential buyers, no unnecessary negotiations, and selling yourself short.

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Properly through their artificial intelligence Instant Estimate tool is able to take several pricing factors into consideration. More importantly, this is more than a human home evaluator could do effectively and in a short time.


In summary, Properly has simplified the home selling and buying process in Canada. The first and most important step towards a successful sale is knowing the current market value of the house. Properly’s Instant Estimate home evaluator tool does this in the industry’s most accurate way and within a short time!

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